Kizma Cavy & Rabbit Stud

Breeder of quality cavies (guinea pigs) & rabbits.

           Cavies (Guinea Pigs) - Himilayan & Dutch


Kizma is new to Cavies and obtained the first breeding pairs in September 2013.

Being such a huge fan of Himilayan (the colour) in rabbits it was a very easy choice when it came to deciding on my first cavy breed.

Himilayan cavies only come in black or chocolate and the two colours cannot be bred together, unlike himilayan marked rabbits) without causing major issues with the markings or colouring which when then make the progency unsuitable for the show table.

In January 2014 the very first litter of Kizma Himilayans were born (chocolates), which produced 3 pups. One pup was retained with both other pups sold to loving pet homes. Kizma Miss Agatha recently won "best marked baby in show" on only her 2nd time on the show table.

 Kizma Cavy & Rabbit Stud has also sourced Dutch cavies in several colours including:

Red, Black, Silver Agouti, Gold Agouti, Cinnamon Agouti & Chocolate.

My first Dutch litters are due shortly & the excitement is amazing.