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Breeder of quality cavies (guinea pigs) & rabbits.

                                About Kizma

Kizma Rabbits was born in 2009 after spending a few years "playing" with friends bunnies and ultimately falling in love with the irrepressible Dutch breed of rabbit.

I have spent over 29yrs in the pet industry having worked in most areas but primarily as a pet store owner and pet groomer & now also run Boing Bunny Boarding for rabbits & guinea pigs.

I have a huge passion for rare breeds & over the years also championed rare breed poultry.

My passions have now taken me to Cavies (guinea pigs) for pet & exhibition with Kizma Cavies being born in 2013.

Australian National Cavy Council registration #201401K2. 

As well as still actively breeding the rare but gentle Californian. The playful, out-going & brilliant for children Dwarf Lop & the irrepressible yet small Netherland Dwarf.

Throughout my website you will find breed information as well as health tips, wonderful links and lots more information to assist you in making the right choice of bunny OR cavy for you and your loved ones, whether for pet or show, popular or rare breed.

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Updated June 2014