Kizma Cavy & Rabbit Stud

Breeder of quality cavies (guinea pigs) & rabbits.

             Rabbits - Californian, Dwarf Lop & Netherland Dwarf



Kizma Cavy & Rabbit Stud is one of, if not the largest breeder of purebreed Californians in Australia.

The Kizma Californian line is a direct descendent of the first imported Californians into Australia and has no other breed behind the line.

I am very proud to have 5 generations of Kizma bred Californians here, and look forward to welcoming generation 6 later this year.

Today Californian rabbits in Australia have become extremely rare with only a very small handful of dedicated enthusiasts continuing to breed and champion them.

                             Netherland Dwarfs

Netherland Dwarfs came to Kizma Cavy & Rabbit Stud quite by accident after another breeder gave me a lovely Himilayan buck (Jazz).

From Jazz the Kizma Netherland Dwarfs have grown into a small but healthy number of Nethies with several colours and some of the best Netherland bloodlines in Australia.

One of our favourite bucks is R2D2 who is grandson to Australia's most successful Netherland. R2's other grandfather is also a hugely successful show rabbit and I am very proud to be producing top quality kits by R2D2.

Netherlands have a weight limit when adult of 1.1kg

With their small and sometimes fine structure Netherlands are not suitable for very small children.

                              Dwarf Lops

Kizma Cavy & Rabbit Stud has been involved in Dwarf Lops for more then 5yrs.

Having at one time or another owned &/or exhibited some of Australia's oldest Dwarf Lop bloodlines, many of which are no longer available as breeders have retired or passed away.

Kizma continues to actively breed Dwarf Lops for the pet market, yet every baby (kit) is raised as if it may be a champion.

Breeding for overall conformation and temprement I am very proud of my Dwarf Lop rabbit.

With an average adult weight of around 2.3kgs and their out-going, inquisitive & mostly clown like nature they are an excellent first bunny for children.